I’m Roconia Price

It’s hard to spread all that I am across a tiny page on the interwebs, but here it goes. I’m a creative to my core, who loves storytelling, sunshine, and the color yellow.

I used to fumble over words like “empowerment” and “inspiration.” I knew that there was something I wanted to magnify within myself, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was me. Plain old, ordinary me was the woman I wanted to be. I was the woman of my dreams. I was the only one who could manifest them. Being Moredinary is about belief, and one day, I finally started to believe that.

The secret formula for true belief is dreaming + doing. I hope to help every woman apply this formula to her own unique equation. I hope to lead, love, live, and lose by example, and still be Moredinary when all is said and done.

My skills

Creative Solutions
Small Talk
Baked Mac & Cheese